Assess my Parkinson’s

pill packet and stethoscope_000035864088_LargeParkinson’s as a condition is immensely complex to treat, and symptoms differ hugely from person to person.

It has been proved that those people with Parkinson’s who engage with their condition and monitor their health from day to day generally fare better with their condition than those who do not.

There are many good reasons to involve yourself in the continuous assessment of your Parkinson’s as follows:

* Puts you in control
* New technology allows measurement 24/7
* Helps establish patterns of symptoms
* Brings together patient experiences with practitioners expertise
* Encourages a more personal and involved approach to treatment which results in better communication and management of Parkinson’s by clinicians
* Introduces more accurate and relevant measures of new treatments

Read more about why it’s important to assess Parkinson’s, details about the latest apps and devices and new intiatives




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