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Goodbye old friend – enjoy your retirement.

By Richard Windle  There are not many good things associated with Parkinson’s. Sometimes it seems to be intent on destroying everything that you used to be. One thing that benefits many is meeting others with the condition often, due to the internet, from all over the world. One such person is Jon Stamford. I regard […]

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Three years and counting

Three years ago today I received the official diagnosis – “You have Parkinson’s Disease.”  And so began my journey as a PwP which included starting this blog a couple of weeks later. A lot has happened in the last three years including the visit to Kripalu, going to the University of Florida Movement Disorder Clinic […]

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Courage comes in many forms

Change is inevitable in life, but with Parkinson’s it can be one frustrating/heart-breaking change after another. When you are diagnosed obviously there is a huge change in your life an a big focus on acceptance. However that mental state and process will continue to repeat itself time and time again as your new life with PD unfolds. I […]

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Don’t give up & push yourself as hard as you can

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life” ~ Muhammad Ali I think quoting the great Muhammad Ali is appropriate in a post about not giving up and pushing yourself as hard as you can.  The world was saddened when this man left us, and the Parkinson’s community of […]

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Dance and Parkinson’s

I recently visited the University of Hertfordshire to attend their conference on dance and Parkinson’s hosted by Dr Peter Lovatt and Dr Lucy Annett. Dancing as a treatment for Parkinson’s is attracting more and more interest. Many people who attend classes claim that the benefits to them are transformational. Surprisingly, there is very little research […]

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Let’s talk dystonia

Unless you have it, or know someone who does you likely have never heard of it or have any idea of what Dystonia is. Wikipedia defines Dystonia as: Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder in which sustained muscle contractions cause twisting and repetitive movements or abnormal postures.  the movements may resemble a tremor.  Dystonia is often […]

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‘It’s hard to beat a person that never gives up’: Babe Ruth

I am blessed with two beautiful daughters, who could not be more opposite of each other in their personalities.  Samantha is a busy bee with a brain that I don’t think ever shuts down. She’s not quite 8 yet and does math problems for fun, I can assure you she does not get that trait from […]

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What happens after you’re diagnosed with Parkinson’s?

I guarantee you that not one of us in the world who have been diagnosed with any disease ever thought it would happen to us. Whether you live a healthy lifestyle or otherwise nobody sits around thinking “someday I’m going to have Parkinson’s”.  For those of us who have heard those dreaded words from a movement […]

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An Apple a day?

Fitbits and other “wearable electronic devices” have been around long enough to become a useful measuring device for heart rate, steps, and many other physical functions.   These little watches are also transforming Parkinson’s care and research. The traditional model of Parkinson’s care is visiting your neurologist every six months or so and reporting your […]