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Taking part in the TransEuro trial

Research is important to all of us. Taking part gives us the chance to feel that we are making a difference. One area of unfinished business is the potential for using cellular implants as a treatment for Parkinson’s. For the last three years I have been participating in the Transeuro research project, based at Addenbrooke’s […]

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Living La Levodopa

I’m a little late to the party. Not the story of my life, but I’m definitely arriving at this one way past time. Not even fashionably late, but late as in everyone has gone home and they are cleaning up. I started Sinemet recently after about a decade of decidedly flagging dopamine. Why so tardy? […]

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Taking charge

I am not a doctor or a scientist and have no aspiration to work in these fields. When diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2010, I had been working on a community development project in community health at the time and felt obliged to practise what I was preaching i.e. that we need to own our own […]

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A Parkie’s year in review…Goodbye 2015!

As 2015 comes to a close it marks my first full year living “officially” with Young Onset Parkinson’s. Of course I had PD all of last year and the year before and lord knows how many years prior to that. However it was April of 2014 before I was told that I likely had PD, six months […]

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I said hey, what’s going on?

There are three dates and times which will be forever etched in my memory: 2.30pm, 10 November 2012 4.30pm 18 May 2015 2.00pm 19 May 2015 I’m married to Rob and have been since 10 November 2012 when we had a wonderful wedding with our close friends and family. With the exception of our car […]

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My Top Ten Parkie Pet Peeves!

There are things about Parkinson’s Disease that are just super frustrating to those of us that have it. And then there are the things you hear about Parkinson’s that are also annoying. So I’ve compiled a list of my Parkie Pet Peeves. Now before you read on, let me give a bit of a disclaimer and be clear […]

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I dislike the word Parkinson’s but I hate the word ‘Progression’

Six months ago my movement disorder neurologist confirmed I had Dystonia in my right hand and the starts of it in my left. Dystonia is a movement disorder that you can get on it’s own or as a symptom of PD. Essentially it is when you have sustained muscle contractions causing twisting & repetitive movements and it […]

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Most people would probably agree that being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) at age 32 would be a hard blow. It was. I usually describe it as “it felt like I fell down into a black hole”. Stephen Hawking would probably have a lot to say about my complete disregard for the laws and theories that […]

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Self-tracking is really hard!

I have called myself a self-tracker since the first time I heard the word. The concept of using technology to collect data about myself and then analysing that data to better understand different aspects of myself and my surroundings has always resonated strongly with me, both as an engineer and as a researcher. My self-tracking […]