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Feeling exuberant and elated…

I write this for any that care to listen to a 20-year-old diagnosed person with Parkinsons. I am approaching my 67th birthday and have travelled a very rough and curvey road but my involvement in two events over this past week has given me cause for praise, thankfulness and laughter. This is not just ordinary […]

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Parenting with Parkinson’s

I’ve had a lot of people touch base with me who have YOPD and small children. It’s great to be able to share struggles and help find solutions to the world of Parenting with Parkinsons together. Having a degenerative disease that affects not only yourself but the entire family can be a tough pill to swallow when […]

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Cultivating the mind as medication

I’ve been thinking about how to harness the placebo effect. Can one even consciously do that or does the belief and expectation required have to be totally real, not premeditated? I’m not sure. And then I think: does rational thought greatly diminish the possibility of placebo because placebo is about belief, not understanding. Does my […]

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Behind the wheel

Driving is, for many people with Parkinson’s, a lifeline in their ability to maintain independence for as long as possible. In the UK, our fitness to drive is assessed every three years, sometimes more often. Driving is a complex skill involving both cognitive and motor dimensions. You approach a T-junction. You want to turn right […]

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Parky pies

I’ve come across a lot of urban parkinson’s myths. So many in fact that I made up a name for them – parky pies. The first parky pie I had the pleasure of sinking my teeth into, was “that people with depression get parkinson’s more often than those who are not depressed”. And there was […]

Neurology research concept examining the neurons of a human head to heal memory loss or cells due to dementia and other neurological diseases as a mental health metaphor for medical research hope.

Stem cell therapy and Parkinson’s disease

What happened to adult stem cells? Didn’t someone win a Nobel Prize when they developed adult stem cells? Can’t we just leapfrog over all the controversies of fetal stem cells and use adult cells? Whoa, let’s back up. What are stem cells and why are they important to Parkinson’s disease? Stem cells are the early “uber-cell” that can become […]


Parkinson’s and pesticides

The research folks are gradually narrowing in on the cause of Parkinson’s — it relates to a bad-boy protein, alpha-synuclein, not properly folding and running amok with your dopamine. (“Proteins folding” always sounded like laundry to me.)  But what causes the protein to mal-fold?  Bad genes?  Something in the environment? On the environment side, pesticides are […]

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What happens when your give a damn doesn’t give a damn?

Let’s start with Apathy… Hmmm a word that I don’t think I ever used before life with PD… For those of you unsure of it here’s the definition: 1.  absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement. 2.  lack of interest in or concern for things that others find moving or exciting. I have always […]

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Could we, upbeat Parkinson’s advocates, have saved Robin Williams?

In the summer of 2014, people with Parkinson’s around the world collectively grieved Robin William’s death by suicide. His widow’s revelation that he’d been recently diagnosed as being in the early stages of Parkinson’s implied that this news may have been his tipping point after a long stretch of unrelieved depression. All I could think […]

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The clinical trial of the future

I have a dream. I have a dream that one day clinical trials will be run for the benefit of patients worldwide. I have a dream that patients will be involved in every step when a decision is made. I have a dream that patients will be equal partners in the making of those decisions […]