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The patient of the future

Somewhere, there is a person living with Parkinson’s disease who is under-medicated. He or she is spending more time in a slow, painful, distressing “off state” than necessary because they’re not empowered to experiment with their regimen, and their next appointment with a neurologist isn’t for a few months. Another patient is over-medicated and suffers […]

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Parkinson’s, my Dad and me

I think it took a few years to sink in. – maybe three of four. Even now I think it’s not happening; it’s not there if I don’t see it. It’s a disease that strangely reminded me of a monster in a Dr Who episode – one you only see if you look into the […]

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Parkinson’s is all about balance

“Mummy, is Parkinson’s contagious?” In her own way my daughter, Frida, had been interested in Parkinson’s research since she was about five or six years old. And rightly so, as she was only four months old when I was diagnosed. “You have Parkinson’s,” the neurologist said, “Have a nice day.” The neurologist’s words literally made […]

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The Cure Parkinson’s Trust Research Meeting

The author of The Jelly Chronicles blog attended the charity’s recent research meeting. “I’m a glass half-full person… I spill the rest.” We laughed. A lot. “It’s an old joke,” said Tom Isaacs, a little apologetically. Well yes, it probably is. But given a whole new life from being told by someone with severe dyskinesia […]

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Step outside of your comfort zone!

It’s all too easy for us to live a life of “comfort”.  When you have a serious health problem or disease we often find comfort in our medical treatments and tend to use a diagnosis to tell ourselves we can’t do a bunch of things.  While sometimes that may be true often it’s more of […]

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I am a young ‘parkie’

So I am a young ‘parkie’, diagnosed at the age of 29. I am now 33 and, like most things in life, wish I knew then what I know now. As you have already read at the top of this page, I am a rarity. Over the past few years I have experienced what it […]


Countdown to WPC 2016

If you had a disease what would you think if I told you there was one organisation out there dedicated to creating a worldwide dialogue to help expedite the discovery of a cure and best treatment practices for this devastating disease?  What if I told you such organisation held an event once every three years […]

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Conferences must include patients

Picture this: you’re a medical professional and are about to open the doors to a conference you’ve spent years pulling together. You’ve booked your venue, have your sponsors lined up, got top headliners to give keynotes, picked your Twitter hashtag, and have invited every industry pro to be a part of the event. In walk […]

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If you’re reading this, I assume that you know what PD is, or Parkinson’s disease, as the unabbreviated form reads. I assume that you are familiar with the symptoms and signs of Parkinson’s, either because you, like me, have been diagnosed with it yourself, or because you care for someone with Parkinson’s, in a professional […]

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A day in the life of a Mum with Parkinson’s

I wake up and reach for my phone. It’s almost seven. I turn over and feel my right arm vibrating. I want to look at it and see if there is a visible tremor or just the feeling, but my eyes are closed and my arm is under my pillow. I turn my awareness to […]