Clinical trials are saving my life

When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at age 38, l felt that I had lost control over my fate. Before that moment, I could pretty much set my sights on any goal and know that with hard work, I would accomplish it. Having a type-A personality and being a lawyer, for me life had […]

Dr. Soania Mathur, a physician afflicted with Parkinson's disease, in the entryway of the elegant custom-built Ajax home she shares with her husband and three children.

Don’t miss out!

As my eyes opened in the morning light which was now streaming through the hotel window, I noticed that some of the fatigue I had felt the night before had lifted, and my body was not quite as sore as I had imagined it would be. But what had not diminished was the exhilaration I […]

Jon Stamford

Leading a double life

Some of you will know the main facts of my story already. But for those of you that don’t, it probably bears re-telling. It really begins in 1980 when I graduated as a biological scientist and decided to go to London to do research for a doctorate. I was very interested in brain neurochemistry and […]

Scientist working with laptop in laboratory

Clinical Trial Awareness Week

Yep, May 4th – 8th is Clinical Trial Awareness Week, and you know how I feel about clinical trials! I have to admit, two years ago I would have said “it’s what week” but then I received the ‘Diagnosis’ and now I am an advocate for clinical trial participation and for the need to bring […]


Keep calm and keep moving

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disease, meaning that it gets worse as time goes by and there is no cure. If you think about it, life itself shares those characteristics, but there is one important difference. For us having Parkinson’s, the downhill slope is much steeper than for people without a neurodegenerative disease for company. The […]

Kaitlyn for PM

Women & Parkinson’s

Being a woman with Parkinson’s: does it make a difference? Absolutely. We have different bodies, different hearts, different experiences and have different care needs. We know that Parkinson’s disease is very individual from person-to-person, but both sex (biology) and gender (social/cultural constructs) may contribute to these differences. There is a need to understand the particular […]


Living with an incurable condition

‘I would have never thought you had Parkinson’s Disease.’ ‘You’re constantly active. How is that possible if you have Parkinson’s Disease?’ ‘I’ve never seen you suffer with this disease.’ Some of the most common comments that I have finally come to the realisation will never have an appropriate answer. Disease, sickness, illness, among other words […]

Laboratory glassware

Patients must help design clinical trials

It is a truth universally acknowledged that clinical trials are the bedrock upon which all medical progress is based. Without successful trials new medicines are not introduced, new treatments are not developed and new understanding is not gleaned. The furtherance of knowledge hinges upon the successful design, execution and interpretation of clinical trials. It sounds […]

Parkinson's blog

A condition not just for older people

What are two things that most people know about Parkinson’s? 1.  People shake 2.  Older people get it Well both of those statements are both true & false at the same time. If you don’t have Parkinson’s Disease or don’t know someone with PD those are likely the only things you know or assume about […]


About the PM Community

For the past year I have on occasions taken responsibility for oversight of Parkinson’s Movement Health Unlocked (PMHU) and at other times I have been a participant. So let me explain the workings of the two sites that make up Parkinson’s Movement and a few personal observations. The PM site contains blogs written by Parkinson’s […]