Preparing for Appointments

qol-toolWith time restrictions in consultations, it is important to ensure you think about what you would like to discuss before the appointment. The Parkinson's Quality of Life Consultation Aid has been developed by people with Parkinson's and clinicians to help focus your conversations about your health and quality of life priorities.

The Parkinson's Quality of Life Consultation Aid includes 17 prompts relating to Parkinson's symptoms, activities of daily living and quality of life. It also has space for you to be able to make a list of your priorities.

To download the Parkinson's Quality of Life Consultation Aid, please click here.

A list of useful resources can be downloaded here.


  • What are two things that most people know about Parkinson's? 1.  People shake 2.  Older people get it Well both of those statements are both true & false at the same time. If you don't have Parkinson's Disease or don't know someone with PD those are likely the only things…